• Our Process

    Our Process

    We offer a simple, 4-step process to help you with finding assisted living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our assisted living advisers are ready to help.
  • When Can We Help?

    When Can We Help?

    There are going to be some signs to show that you may need some help with the living arrangements for a loved one.
  • Give Us a Call

    Give Us a Call

    Call us today and let us schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss some of our services and how we can find assisted living for your loved one. 925-519-1539.

We understand that it is important that your loved one gets the personalized and professional support that they need. At East Bay Assisted Living Services, we provide a full-service program that helps you find the perfect living arrangement for your family member.

We know that finding assisted living for your loved one can be a stressful and difficult time. This is where we come in. East Bay Assisted Living Services has done all of the research for you to ensure that whichever home you choose, it is safe and happy.

East Bay Assisted Living Services has spent countless hours inspecting each assisted living home, meeting the owner and staff, and checking with the state and county to ensure that all inspections have gone well.

Based on all this information and your individual needs, we match you with the best fit for your loved one. We will tour several homes together to find the best living arrangement.